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 Sakizaki Uzume

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Character Description


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Basic Information

Character Name: Sakizaki Uzume
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'
Weight: Light
Personality: A lighthearted personality in private that retains an air of dark seriousness whenever business is at hand or when confronted with anyone that she doesn't know.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Kazekage
Clan: None
Weapon(s): Kiku - Special Fighting Gauntlets
Fighting Style: Uzume sticks strictly to fist fighting and various ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu techniques that augment her fist fighting either by increasing her speed or deadliness.


The beginning of Uzume's ninja career was for the large part unremarkable before she took team Setsuna under her wing on her first year as a special jounin. It was this assignment that made people stand up and take notice of her as she and her team rose to heights never before imagined by the village of sand, far overshadowing every other team of that year and any to come.

Though no other team since could quite match up to the intense strength and teamwork present in her first outing, Uzume nevertheless gained an unshakeable reputation as the best sensei a team could be so lucky as to be assigned to and she never failed to continue forging successful ninja careers.

Once raised to the honorable position of Kazekage, Uzume kept Team Setsuna on as her own personal and most trusted strike team, giving them some of the highest authority and clout in the entire country, let alone the village. Any assignment that was too dark or secretive to be shared with the rest of the village was carried out by Setsuna's team and perhaps a small selection of guerilla strikers if necessary.

Upon Setsuna and Natsume's sudden departure, Uzume and her constructed foundation were shaken to the very core. With two of her strongest and smartest suddenly gone in an instant it was left to wonder if perhaps she wasn't the great leader others had proposed her to be. This was aside from the fact that the duo's sudden departure left a very noticeable power vacuum that made the village appear weaker as a whole.

Uzume has been forced to lean heavily on the final remaining member of Team Setsuna still loyal to her village, while attempting to quell doubts from within as well as without. The various other villages now tend to have their eye on Suna now that one of their sparse 'Do not engage on sight' black book targets has gone AWOL.

For her part, Uzume has attempted to retain good relations with Setsuna, constantly sending communications that she give up her fruitless attempt to found her own village to instead prepare to take up the mantle as the next Kazekage.
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Sakizaki Uzume
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