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 Uchiha Akira

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Character Description

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Basic Information

Character Name: Uchiha Akira
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 5'9
Weight: 158
Personality: Focused, Driven, Disciplined, Perfection Oriented and Serious. Anyone who knew Akira as a child would not recognize the man he has become, as most knew him as an angsty, whiny and weak underachiever. That said he is far more emotionally detached than one would expect from an Uchiha, he's seen what hate does to a man and doesn't want any part of it.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Rank: Kage
Clan: Uchiha
Weapon(s): Standard Ninja fare, plus an overabundance of Shuriken and a Sword
Fighting Style:
Akira's fighting style is about as cut and dry Uchiha as you can get. He's a master of Fire Style, and Shurikenjutsu, Akira is also the foremost grand master of the clan's Dojutsu the Sharingan possessing the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. While skilled at close combat it is far from Akira's forte. Instead he prefers to bombard at the maximum effective distance of his techniques. Spending years honing this combat style has increased his seal-speed and chakra manipulation to unbelievably fast levels.

When cornered Akira uses his Advanced Doujutsu like, Amaterasu, Susanoo, Tsukuyomi and Yasaka Magatama. It's rumored that Akira knows techniques like Tengai Shinsei, Kamui, Izanagi and Izanami, however Akira will neither confirm or deny these, instead using the implied abilities as a weapon of disinformation.


He was a little shit once upon a time. That time is now long gone and only seldom spoken of now by Akira's closest friends and team members most of which are long gone.

What is spoken among the common people of Konoha is Akira's rise to power. So fed up with the weakness of the Previous Hokage and the petty bickering of the village elders and internal strife, Akira took power in his clan by facilitating the death of his father, the clan's then leader and installing his easily manipulated uncle to the job.

The village elders fearing his ambitions sent Akira to the front lines in the war with Kumogakure, under another rising star, Uzumaki Kai. Though very different in mannerisms the two hit it off with a very heated friendly rivalry. When the village refused to send forward support the two were nearly wiped out instead using their fire techniques to burn all of the combat area and a majority of the Kumo Shinobi. Upon returning Uzumaki Kai took all of the blame for the maneuver as he was the commanding officer. Uzumaki Kai was stripped of rank and the two lost touch.

Enraged at the village's attempt to kill him, and the public disgrace that befell his friend and rival, now branded missing-nin,  Akira took the power within the Uchiha clan from his now feeble uncle and formed a coalition with members from almost every clan, who were all fed up with the Hokage and the village elders. It was a bloody fight, but those who supported the sitting Hokage were chosen out of nepotism and were no match of Elite Shinobi chosen by Akira.

When the dust settled Akira felt a sense of satisfaction and personal enjoyment that the village was purged of weakness within. It was in that moment that Akira saw all of the blood around him, all of the bodies all of the people he'd known all his life who done nothing but help him. There was also a high level of civilian casualties. All of the blood and death shook Akira to his core, his satisfaction and pride turned to horror and self-disgust.

Akira reluctantly headed the interim government Konoha, and was shortly selected as Hokage. He vowed to never again let weakness be a reason for bloodshed within Konoha. He wouldn't let his personal weakness, his rage, to cloud his vision again.

In the three years since taking power, the Hokage has removed limits on Kinjutsu, the rationale being that the individual Shinobi knew their limits, raised the bar for promotion and elite status qualifications. He does his best to inspire exceptionalism and patriotism within his village by example, because of this Morale within Konoha is up. With the blood behind his rise to power in mind and the Fire Daimyo dogging his brutal and exacting methods, Akira has taken a more underhanded method to bring the leader of the nation of fire to heel, and started to plant seeds of a successor for the Daimyo that shared his attitudes.

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Uchiha Akira
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