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 Yukiko Sagawa

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PostSubject: Yukiko Sagawa   Sat Dec 17, 2016 6:11 pm

Character Description


Basic Information

Character Name: Yukiko Sagawa
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'8
Weight: 120 lbs.
Personality: Cold, distant, seldom showing interest in much of anything. Some have noticed an almost hidden, underlying sadism to her nature, but no one has seen any outward demonstration of this.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Tsuchikage
Weapon(s): A single katana
Fighting Style: In spite of her prominence and position in the village, little is actually known to most people about her abilities, as the only ones who have seen the fullest extent of her fighting style are mysteriously no longer alive, including her teachers. Blind since birth, Yukiko has been forced to find alternate ways of fighting than most straightforward shinobi. She has developed other ways to "see" the world around her, using her chakra to develop various sensory techniques. This includes a third eye tattooed on her forehead, which, although its true functions are unknown, has been seen capable of  piercing through illusions.

It is known that she is a master of both medical ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu, capable of regenerating her body even from the most grievous of injuries. Her sealing techniques are so advanced it has even been rumored that she is capable of traveling to and from various pocket dimensions, or even imprisoning her enemies in such spaces. She has shown an unsettling fascination with blood at times, and rumors started by her secretary after an awkward conversation state that she can "cause undo harm to her enemies with a single drop of their blood," a prospect that is most frightening considering she has access to blood samples of everyone in Iwa, as she was previously in charge of the village's medical division.

In spite of these more eerie aspects of her abilities, she is also a highly skilled swordswoman, having never lost a duel since becoming a shinobi, a fact that the more accomplished swordsmen of Iwa take great offense to considering her blindness. Further still, there are rumors she has learned and developed dark, forbidden techniques that have long since been deemed illegal in Iwa, including the ability to call souls back from the afterlife. No one has had the gall to publicly accuse her of this, of course, as doing so would likely lead to their own mysterious disappearance.


Yukiko was born blind to two very prominent shinobi of Iwa. Because of her disability, it was assumed she could never amount to the same fame of her parents, much to their disappointment. Growing up, she would often be ridiculed and bullied by other children, and throughout this her parents did nothing to help her. This was to toughen her up, they would claim. They said she had to learn to defend herself, even if she couldn't see. From a young age, she was provided with a variety of tutors and senseis to train her in private, away from the village academy. As such, she was never officially considered a shinobi. She likely never would have even passed the graduation tests, in any case.

At the age of ten, Yukiko developed her first unique jutsu, allowing her to both see the world around her with her chakra, as well detect hostile actions directed towards her. This allowed her to overcome her bullies, even full genin who often ridiculed and tried to attack her. In one incident, she killed one of these young shinobi who attempted to shove her off the roof of a building. He was found dangling by his headband around his neck from the third story window. There were no witnesses to this, and as such Yukiko was never charged with a crime.

When she turned fifteen, Yukiko was allowed into the ninja academy in spite being much older than her peers. While no one thought she would amount to anything, she proved them all wrong by passing with flying colors. Afterwards, the academy tried fitting her onto a team, but her rather antisocial nature and tendancy to harm anyone who tried to help her left them with no choice but to again, assign her with a private sensei. This teacher happened to be the leader of Iwa's medical division, and Yukiko learned a great deal from him.

Because of her blindness and status as assistant to a prominent shinobi, she was allowed into some areas of the village that most others were not allowed into, including the archives. It was assumed that because she couldn't see, she couldn't read any of the documents contained within. This would prove a mistake, as Yukiko's third eye, an advancement of the original jutsu she developed to allow her to see, gave her the ability to read and imbibe information from the scrolls she found in the village's archives. Such scrolls included techniques to regenerate cellular damage, techniques that could allow her to create her own pocket dimensions through the use of seals, how to transport herself or others to such spaces, how to use another's blood to cuase them harm by harming her own body, and even how to resurrect the dead to serve her bidding.

At the age of eighteen, Yukiko's mentor at the medical facility would mysteriously disappear. To this day, no one knows what happened to him. Yukiko was promoted as his replacement thereafter, but such status wasn't enough for her. The former Tsuchikage would also disappear one night, leaving the entire village in disarray for several weeks. During this time, Yukiko put her own name into the hat of becoming the next Tsuchikage. Because of her age and her assumed lack of skill, no one took her seriously. In one meeting, she questioned all those who thought she was incapable of being Tsuchikage. When everyone present opposed her, she activated the seals she had placed around the chamber, leaving no escape for anyone inside.

No one at that meeting was ever seen again. To everyone else in the village, there remain a lot of questions about what exactly happened, but in the end Yukiko walked out of an empty room, proclaimed herself the new Tsuchikage, and challenged anyone who disagreed with her. No one did. After these events, she appointed her own village council and began to run the village her own way. These events have more or less been forgotten a couple years later, or at least not talked about. Anyone who publicly questions Yukiko's position is never heard from again, and so the people of the village have learned to forget.

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PostSubject: Re: Yukiko Sagawa   Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:23 am

You sure you weren't applying for mizukage and accidentally wrote tsuchikage?
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pretty sure yup
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Yukiko Sagawa
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