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 A Strangers Request

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PostSubject: A Strangers Request   A Strangers Request EmptySun Jan 08, 2017 10:27 pm

To the Honorable Mizukage Kagami Nise,

I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits Lord Mizukage, as you are a man who is not one to be in the public eye. Though we have yet to meet in person, I hope that you would entertain some thought of us as peers, who in being equally respected by our villages may speak without subterfuge with one another. As such I would have an appeal for you to consider. Firstly, I should inform you of the circumstances of such a request that befalls your lordship.

It has come to my attention that pirates are attacking merchant trading from the land of fire. My Shinobi have been contracted to eliminate these pirates. Such piracy is easily overcome by the force of even the most meagerly trained Shinobi. However in our world such things are not ever so simple. The intelligence I have included shows without a doubt that said pirates have a base somewhere within the territorial waters of the Land of Waves. It has been out of respect for your sovereignty that my Shinobi have not pursued the pirates into your country and eliminated them. That places myself in the predicament of such circumstances.

That impasse is of great importance as mishandling such a delicate matter, as you well know could lead to a costly protracted conflict between our nations, such a conflict would be a needless waste of lives and valuable resources. It is with such things In mind that I beseech you Lord Mizukage:

Destroy the pirates making port within the waters of the Land of Waves.

I would consider such an action on your behalf as a personal favor.

With best wishes for your continued Rulership,
Uchiha Akira
Lord Hokage
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PostSubject: Re: A Strangers Request   A Strangers Request EmptyMon Jan 09, 2017 4:33 pm

To Lord Hokage, Uchiha Akira,

Peers would be the correct term. While we have never met, I understand the burden of the office that you hold. As such, you should also understand the burden that I carry. As such, I'm afraid that I will be of little help to you in your quest to attack these pirates. I have heard of no such news from my own people about the ships that enter in to my land.

Is it possible that you are telling the truth? It's likely so, but that alone is not enough for me to take action and dispatch shinobi to search the numerous islands. Every ship in my land has hired men and women that are made to defend it. I'm afraid that finding warriors on a ship is far more commonplace in Kiri than anywhere else. That said, that does not mean that I am not sympathetic to your cause.

Perhaps you could arm me with information on what was taken? I have eyes and ears in the markets, both legal and the black market kind. If I get word on the types of items or supplies that were stolen, I'll be able to lead a better investigation and see if your claims are true. I'm afraid with the vague information you've presented it is not enough to act on. Until I can find more solid evidence, I'm afraid that this problem will remain your own.

Until you provide me this information, I would recommend that you dispatch some shinobi to protect these ships and see what you can do. After all, that is what shinobi are for are they not?


Kagami Nise, Mizukage
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A Strangers Request
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