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 Kitsune Inari

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Character Description


Kitsune Inari Latest_zps308owupi

Basic Information

Character Name: Inari Kitsune
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Height: Short
Weight: Light
Personality: Inari is a crazy sexual deviant, constantly attempting to drain men of their essence well before her clan allows it. Otherwise she's just kind of an overconfident brat.

Basic Info Continued

Village: No Affiliation
Rank: Genin
Clan: Kitsune
Weapon(s): None
Fighting Style: Never having actually been allowed to take part in combat, Inari generally uses her wiles and trickster illusions to get what she wants, whatever that may be.


Pampered and sheltered as the Kitsune clan's current matriarch, Inari hasn't experienced a whole lot other than being treated like royalty. She hasn't even managed to bag her first man yet! Instead she has to put up with her entire clan providing her with her every need and waiting on her hand and foot. How boring is that!
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Kitsune Inari
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