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 Sakuma Gincho

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Character Description


Sakuma Gincho Touta27s_appearance

Basic Information

Character Name: Sakuma Gincho
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: ~140 lbs
Personality: Gincho is generally outgoing and optimistic, and is mainly looking to have some fun with being a ninja. He aspires to become a famous enough ninja that he can start an elite organization in Hone of his own.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Genin
Weapon(s): Gincho carries standard ninja gear, and a sword
Fighting Style: Gincho is quite good with the standard ninja gear and beginning jutsus, but pretty crap with his sword. His main skills are in chakra control, and his family's Iai-Ken flying fists style, which mimics the draw techniques of a sword and sheath with the fist and pocket, using chakra to enhance the muscles to send the impact of their strike flying outwards. These are only usable with the users hands in their pockets, and prevents them from punching normally while using it.

Otherwise, he is currently practicing the hidden mist jutsu, the silent killing method and the strong arm techniques, though he isn't particularly successful with any.


Both of Gincho's parents were raised as ninja in Kirigakure, and both originally had no qualms with the bloody graduation ritual. However, once they begin having children, their opinions changed, not wanting them to have to go through the same experience. Rather than seeing their kids slaughter or be slaughtered by their friends, they ran to the newly established village Honegakure.

Gincho was originally upset, wanting to become one of the seven swordsmen when he grew up, but eventually accepted the decision, recognizing that he wouldn't want to have gone through that experience either. Besides, he'd be able to found a new organization in Hone once he was strong enough, and that was way more prestigious than just joining an existing one.
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