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 Yuki Ukime

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Character Description


Yuki Ukime 98977887

Basic Information

Character Name: Yuki Ukime
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Light
Personality: Mature, calm and collected at all times. Chances of Ukime losing her cool are slim to none. While quiet, she's also friendly and can be talkative if she knows you well enough.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Genin
Clan: Yuki
Weapon(s): General ninja fare
Fighting Style: Ukime doesn't move once engaged in combat unless forced. She saves all her energy to use on keeping the enemy at a distance with a variety of clan techniques and other long range jutsu. If forced into close range combat she isn't a slouch, but she's definitely not as skilled.


Ukime's parents moved to Honegakure from Kirigakure at around the third year of its existence, wanting to escape the constant turmoil and violence brewing in the village of bloody mist. Thus far things have been fairly uneventful, but she just recently graduated from the academy to join her first ninja team. Obviously she'll be the most skilled out of the three of them.
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Yuki Ukime
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