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 Uzumaki Iwakan

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Character Description


Uzumaki Iwakan Pbucket

Basic Information

Character Name: Uzumaki Iwakan
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: Taller than 5, but shorter than 6 feet. Somewhere in the center.
Weight: Unknown, presumably very light
Personality: The best way to describe Iwakan is... off. Her behavior generally ill-suits whatever situation she finds herself in. She's very slow and lazy about what she does, usually found laying in some strange place to take a rest or shuffling about like she has concrete in her shoes. She does find the odd time to be perverted, but it's never appropriate. Never.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Civilian (Assumed genin skill level)
Clan: Satetsu
Weapon(s): None
Fighting Style: She doesn't have the willpower or stamina for any sort of drawn out physical confrontation. She might be able to throw a single punch, but then she might also fall asleep partway through.


Iwakan is an enigma of the highest caliber. No village will claim her origin and she just kind of appeared there one day as if she'd always been there. What is known is that she shares blood from both the Uzumaki and Satetsu clans. That's... that's pretty much it.

Very much against Setsuna's will, Iwakan set about planning and constructing Honegakure's first and only love hotel. Thus far Setsuna's attempts to have it repurposed into something more appropriately useful for a growing village have been in vain, as have her attempts to have Iwakan forcefully removed from the village walls.
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Uzumaki Iwakan
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