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 The Way of Things

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For the longest time, the five great ninja villages have existed together yet very much separate from one another. They remained in a tentative and unspoken neutrality with naught but minor border skirmishes occuring from time to time.

Recently, however, this has all changed. No one can properly point a finger at the first to blame, but border skirmishes have begun to escalate into attempted invasions only narrowly avoiding a declaration of all out war. It wasn't long before nearly all ninja villages, great and small, were pulled into the fray like a moth to the flame.

Five years ago, in this time of great turmoil, those who wished to avoid the conflict fled to an as yet uninhabited area nestled between the villages of waterfalls and sound and attempted to hide themselves away in neutrality led by Saizuki Setsuna, formerly of the Sand Village.

Five years later and the village has grown into a place large enough to gain some notoriety as a place for runaways and misfits, no longer small enough to remain hidden from the world. No one has attempted to move on the village, but often it receives visits from bounty hunters and hunter-nin looking to make a kill from the runaway ninja who find sanctuary within the walls that have, as yet, been safe for all within.

This is where the tale begins, in the country dubbed the Land of Graves, within the Village Hidden in Bone. Will you make a name for yourself? I doubt it, but I certainly welcome you to try as hard as you can to continue existence in such a harsh and unforgiving world as this.
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The Way of Things
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