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 Yori (No Family Name)

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Character Description


Yori (No Family Name) 59

Basic Information

Character Name: Yori (No Family Name)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6'4
Weight: Unusually Heavy
Personality: A down to earth, level headed. A little brutal and sadistic when the situation allows, but above all things he is loyal and protective.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Civilian (Chuunin Equivalent)

BFS 9000 aside from that other combat oriented gadgets inventions made by Ami.
Fighting Style: Yori is a heavy hitter, focused mostly in Weapon based Taijutsu and Goken unarmed combat. Utilizing various versions and extensions of the Flying Swallow Technique. Yori prefers to be on the offensive. "Hit First, Hit Hardest, No Mercy" Is his creed preferring to defeat opponents as quickly as possible. Often mistaken as a strong silent idiot, Yori is quite intelligent and uses that intelligence to come up with creative methods of attack against opponents with superior technical selection.


Yori was born to the Family serving the Yamanaka main house, the first of his two twins, his brother was still born with Yori's umbilical wrapped around his neck strangling him in the womb. Maybe it was because of this or his youthfully haughty personality that Yori was trained especially hard, from as young as he could remember, his life was discipline and service from as far back as he could remember. He was trained in the Shinobi arts as an aside because of the house his family was serving was one of the great Shinobi houses of Konoha. The boy was never seen as right in the head, his free time was spent alone, in the forest to trap and hunt and track game, as only a child could know how. Sometimes he would let injured animals free only to track them and kill them with his bare hands before consuming their raw flesh. His family discovered his hobbies and decided to send him away. Using their eternal vow of service to send him with the Yamanaka's girl. He was familiar with her work, and had even supplied some of the test subjects, however unlike most of the village, he saw the art in them. Yori understood the reason she was being disposed of, and even the reason he was being disposed of: but it didn't sit well with him.

It wasn't an easy life, the trip to Kiri cost him much in blood and flesh, and without a good supply materials Ami turned to Yori as a fresh test subject. Her tests were invasive and intricate, but he was smart enough to understand that she wouldn't cripple him, and let her work. It was a result of the tests and experiments that Yori got a few upgrades, including greatly enhanced strength, physical durability and reflexes, the only drawbacks were almost debilitating migraine headaches, insomnia, excessive hunger, and severe muscle stiffness.

The flight from Kiri required all of these as a few assassins from the village posing as bandits hassled them all the way to Honegakure.

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Yori (No Family Name)
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