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 Uzumaki Kai

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Character Description


Uzumaki Kai Anime_Swordsman

Basic Information

Character Name: Uzumaki Kai a.k.a. "Kai of the Burning Fields" -or- "Kai of the Wildfire"
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185 lbs.
Personality: Kai is Lazy, Womanizing, Egotistical, Cunning, Impulsive, Impolite, Vulgar, Stubborn and Dishonest. He's also a born leader with a big heart, that cares deeply for those that serve under him. He enjoys unfiltered cigarettes, copious alcohol, sexual activity and cooking. He handles workload stress well making him an invaluable administrator in Setsuna's Honegakure. He honestly respects Setsuna, but the two fight like Cats and Dogs.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Kounin
Fuuinken: The sealing sword, is able to transplant and deliver any seal it touches. Making it an idea weapon for someone as skilled as Kai in Fuuinjutsu.
Sealing Tattoos holding a great deal of other Weapons and Equipment.
Fighting Style: Kai is an Absolute Master of of Fuuinjutsu being accused of "Thinking in Fuuinjutsu seals and terms instead of words". He prefers to use his sealing techniques to disable his opponents, stop and/or cripple their techniques before finishing them with either High Ranked Fire Techniques and/or Sword Skills as the situation dictates. Kai is also adept of Genjutsu but mostly prefers to use it as a means to avoid fights all together.

When backed into a corner Kai relies on summons, and Sage Mode to modify and amplify his Technical and Physical prowess.


Uzumaki Kai had started life as a Konohagakure Shinobi and an outstanding pupil graduating top of his class in the academy and making Chunnin a year later. It wasn't until his time deployed to the northern border during a border conflict that he saw heavy combat, taking on several Takigakure shinobi and earning him the nickname "Kai of the Burning Fields" and a pat on the butt from his superiors. In all honesty Kai had to fight and beg and claw his way into a Jounin spot that was begrudgingly given to him.

It wasn't until a few years later during a major border skirmish with Kumogakure Shinobi that he was caught without support and outmaneuvered causing a loss of territory for the land of fire. For this he was stripped of the rank of Jounin. With his career in shambles, Kai took to the field of battle quickly taking back the territory by making it completely unusable decimating nearly Four Hundred square miles to drive out Kumogakure Shinobi, and claimed the recently cleared land for Konoha. For this he sat in the stockade for a month.

Now completely done, Kai began secretly moving against Konoha biding his time and stirring up dissent. Upon hearing of Setsuna's Honegakure Kai jumped ship without looking back. As a gift of good faith Kai presented his new leader with an untraceable copy of the Hokage's Scroll. He as since worked his way up the ranks of Honegakure quickly amassing a following known as the "Kai Faction" of Ultra-Loyalists to Setsuna and Honegakure.

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Uzumaki Kai
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