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 Masoni Arata

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Character Description


Masoni Arata 9zbjzLn
(Probably his real appearance)

Basic Information

Character Name: Masoni Arata
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 155 lbs
Personality: Though he has no grudge against the villages and was content to work with them, when they attempted to curtail his freedom, Arata rebelled and escaped, preferring to live a life on the run than be imprisoned. He has a collectors eye for treasures, a thief's disregard for ownership, and a weakness for fame. He tends to alternate between friendly joviality and sarcasm, depending on his mood or the audience.

Basic Info Continued

Village: None (Former Iwa)
Rank: Last officially ranked as Chuunin, thought to be around Special Jounin currently
Clan: Adopted Yamanaka
Weapon(s): Broadsword (often left behind), wires, exploding tags, needles, thin wooden blades, gas and smoke grenades, assorted chemicals and non-lethal poisons, various explosives, disguise kit.
Fighting Style: Arata prefers not to engage in combat if he can help it, generally leaving that to his partner. Of the three fields, he is worst at Taijutsu, taking a defensive strategy until he can escape or create a distraction through other means, though his skill with ranged attacks is not to be underestimated.

For Ninjutsu, he has no skill with any of the elements, instead focusing all his attention on supplemental non elemental techniques, mainly those of concealment and disguise, though he picked up some skill with the Yamanaka family mind techniques. This true area of expertise however is in genjutsu.


Born in one of the outlying villages under Iwagakure's protection, Arata's parents were killed during a border skirmish around his third year of life. Shortly after, he was adopted by one of the branches of the Yamanaka clan based in Iwa, and he was raised as though he was their son. As he was too young to really remember them before long, he never held a grudge for either village, but nevertheless, the loss probably had some effect on him, as growing up he quickly developed a sticky hand and stickier fingers, enjoying swiping money and small trifles as he went throughout his life.

Through his years, he was only rarely caught, and generally let off with a light punishment, presumably due to his parents sacrifice for the village. Eventually however, when he was caught after making Chuunin, it was concluded he needed a stiff punishment to set him straight. Sentenced to either half a year of jail time, or a year of manual labor and deciding he would prefer neither, he agreed to the labor, rightly figuring it would be easier to escape from. Though the circumstances surrounding it are unknown, he quickly vanished, reemerging sometime in the company of the infamous Dohza the Bull. Since then, they've made somewhat of a name for themselves in Iwa in a series of robberies, and have since moved onto less wary grounds. With all the distrust between the various villages, very little communication about them has been spread to the other territories from Iwa.
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