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 Yamamoto Kensai

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Character Description


Yamamoto Kensai Character_1

Basic Information

Character Name: Yamamoto Kensai
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5'9
Weight: 151
Personality: Kensai is Aggressive, Flexible and Creative, he doesn't let much bother him, though he is particularly serious about becoming a Legendary Shinobi, to the point of single mindedness.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Genin
Kensai's weapon of Choice is the Omni-Weapon, a liquid metal weapon he can "Forge" into any shape he pleases with the application of a little chakra. He also uses Shuriken as ranged weapons, Wire for traps, snares and mobility, and Explosive Tags for heavy punch.
Fighting Style: Kensai uses his speed and agility to attack from every angle, using his ninja tools either to close the distance or surprise opponents. He prefers melee, where his Mobility and Flexibility are best used. He as discovered the First Gate on his own and wishes to expand on that Fighting Style. He also has an unexplored affinity for Lightning Techniques.


The Yamamoto family was a the larger part of Hanko village on the boarders of Suna and Konoha. During the fight the village was utterly destroyed and the family scattered to the winds. The harsh travels separated Kensai from his family only barely finding his way to Setsuna's newly established Honegakure. Knowing that woman's type: Kensai decided to stay family or not, and was promptly put into an orphanage. Though the Academy wasn't opened Kensai did his best to pick up tips and tricks from any one of the many Shinobi that littered the village, shoring it up against any possible attack. Kensai did his part working as a messenger and courier for the fledgling village saving up enough to enroll himself into the Academy as soon as it first opened. Now just barely graduated Kensai is on the search for a teacher to apprentice to.

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Yamamoto Kensai
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