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 Sir Raphael Montague

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Character Description


Sir Raphael Montague ChYyT_aWUAEO75c

Basic Information

Character Name: Sir Raphael Montague
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Height: 6'6
Weight: 220 lbs
Personality: A man of honor, Raphael is a firm believer of a knight and samurai's code. He has a set of rules which he never breaks. He never leaves comrades behind, and refuses to place anyone in any danger that he wouldn't put himself in first.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Jounin
Weapon(s): Contains an array of medieval style weapons such as a morning star, broadsword, claymore, halberd, spear, and a crossbow. He will normally carry one on him, along with summoning whatever other ones he feels he needs.
Fighting Style: Raphael is a nearly pure kenjutsu user. He believes that his physical strength and weapon skill is what should determine his power. While he's picked up a few jutsu, he's mainly picked up a summoning jutsu to bring out his weapons and armor. The only other time he uses chakra is to empower his strikes.


Raphael comes from a land far to the west, a land where men in iron suits fight for dominance and swear fealty to kings. Raphael was born to be a knight, a warrior that would serve his king until his dying breath. The years were kind to Raphael, except his heart was plagued with the one thing that could drive any men to do foolish things: love. Raphael like many others, had fallen for the princess of his kingdom. He loved her, and she in return loved him. However, soon the relationship was discovered and the king would have none of it. Upon confronting Raphael, the boy released his feelings and spoke the truth of how he felt for the princess. The King was moved at the words, but wouldn't let just anyone have his daughter. He issued Raphael a challenge:

"Slay me a mighty creature and bring me proof of your exploit. Do this, and you will have my daughter."

Raphael set out for a foreign country where he had heard tales of monstrous creatures that were larger than buildings. He arrived and traveled to the land of Iron, finding a common fighting style amongst the samurai whom lived there. For eight years he spent his time amongst the samurai and learned the techniques of their chakra blades. With a new arsenal and several armor sets, Raphael set out to find the creature that he had heard of: a bijuu.

He came across one once, but was not fast enough to catch the creature. Realizing that the bijuu was still more powerful than him, Raphael decided to travel to another village of shinobi and make his place amongst them. He hoped that being surrounded by shinobi in Honegakure would allow him to study and gather his strength. He needed to slay that bijuu, for his love.

Now being away from home for ten years, Raphael awaits the day where he will meet his foe again. The next time that Raphael faces a bijuu, he would make sure that one of them didn't leave alive.

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Sir Raphael Montague
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