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 Dohza the Bull

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Character Description


Dohza the Bull B8o18JmIUAAICc7.jpg%20large_zpslxc70bds

Basic Information

Character Name: Akimichi Dohza
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Height: 6'3"
Weight: Unknown
Personality: Dohza gained her infamous monicker by never giving up on something she sets her mind on. What she normally sets her mind on, however, is members of the opposite sex. Once she's found someone who keeps her interest, Dohza will pursue that person endlessly until they return her affections or they in some way upset her.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Konohagakure
Rank: Kounin
Clan: Akimichi
Weapon(s): None
Fighting Style: Dohza battles entirely with hard hitting physical strikes often coupled with powerful Akimichi jutsu. Where she gets the required calories is unknown...


Dohza's history as a child wasn't very noteworthy, to be honest. Actually, Konoha's records about her climb through the ninja ranks is pretty bare. Somehow, however, she made her way all the way up to a rank of kounin before she appeared to take on other interests and departed the village as a wandering-nin.

It didn't take long from there for her reputation to begin spreading, more and more men meeting the notorious bull of Konoha only to have to dodge her constant affections and practically flee for their lives. Even building such an inglorious reputation didn't stop her at all and she quickly began to add petty crimes to her list of misdeed. Now a well known criminal, Dohza likes to play herself up as a loveable rogue who just wants a man to keep her company.
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Dohza the Bull
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