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 Father Puraido

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Character Description


Father Puraido D51b19468b372e3b4ce87b4444c0904e

Basic Information

Character Name: Father Puraido
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Height: 5'8
Weight: 150 lbs
Personality: A mysterious individual, while normally a joyful spirit and kind, in battle he can turn in to a savage and ruthless killer. His religious beliefs seem to dictate every move he makes.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Kounin
Weapon(s): None
Fighting Style: Puraido is a ninjutsu master, using his pure chakra power and stamina in order to overwhelm his opponents with sheer power. Puraido has no talent with the elements, instead using raw chakra in order to create the majority of his ranged attacks or using it to enhance himself physically. A rare trait of Puraido's techniques, some of his ninjutsu causes him to strength his allies around him, or weaken his enemies.


"The Lord forgives all, and since I'm merely his means I don't have to."

Father Puraido's past has remained a mystery for many years. As a young boy he worked in his father's church in order to spread the gospel and aid those around him. At an elderly age, his father passed away and left Puraido with the task of continuing the church. It was a small group of faithful, but their faith was as strong as any of the other religions in the land. Puraido worshiped and preached as he believed he was meant to do, using his faith in order to calm the hearts of the troubled. Puraido was also very generous, as he used his family's wealth to only expand the church or give to the needy. He very rarely spent money on himself outside of food.

Puraido has never associated himself with any village until his move to Honegakure, leading many to wonder how he became so proficient in the manipulation of chakra. Puraido always said it was a gift of the lord, but many wondered if the man was lying. Now in Honegakure, Puraido seeks to aids those in need and want, and very frequently is visited by families in order to receive money or aid. Puraido never gives away for free though, always encouraging the shinobi community to work with one another to get through these troubling times. While Puraido claims to have no military power, he does have a loyal band of followers that see him as their true leader. After all, to the faithful what is a position given by man other than an adversary? Puraido has made no move to challenge Setsuna's leadership, but there have been many rumors about some type of uprising.

For now though, Puraido focuses on the village people and the tasks at hand, knowing the time will come when they will need to be ready for whatever forces will come next. While he has told no one, Puraido senses a powerful enemy having its gaze upon their village. When that time comes, the prophet will be willing to cleave his own battlefield.
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Father Puraido
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