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 Yuuji Hitokui

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Character Description


Yuuji Hitokui SvkwUcL

Basic Information

Character Name: Yuuji Hitokui
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 6'0
Weight: 151lbs
Personality: Yuuji isn't the most pleasant individual. With the reputation of his clan and six tails he once held practically inescapable, he has a preconceived persona by the public. Cold, distant, and cruel. Quick to lose his temper and suspected of carrying on his clan's fancy for flesh. While not entirely incorrect, there are falsehoods in these observations. Yuuji may have a chilly atmosphere around him and respond harshly when provoked, but he isn't inherently cruel. His sense of honor and morality had kept him from succumbing to his clan's cannibalism and set him up with a sturdy foundation of willpower that made him an ideal leader and an unbreakable opponent.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Jounin
Clan: Hitokui
Weapon(s): The Unslakable: A puppet made with chakra and flesh release to be one of the most formidable and versatile constructs every village over. Created with the remains of Yami Hitokui, The Unslakable Blade is a mockery of his title and thing of sheer horror to anyone looking at it. A disproportionally large head mounts the top of the contraption, revealing hollow eyes and a gaping mouth fit with long, sharp teeth and what appear to be seals all along the interior. From the crown spills countless strands of what appears to be white hair, concealing all but the button of a potbelly. The neck is broad and ribbed in such a way it seems to expand and the torso resembles a human body with a bulging belly and a skeleton on the -outside-. The arms are long and lanky with sharp claws and fluted holes along the forearms. The legs are equally lanky with only two metallic, bird-like talons poking out below the concealing hair. While there is clearly durable metal making up a large portion of the puppet, there is also an obvious hint of organic parts....likely set in to allow easier repair for a member of a clan utilizing Flesh Release.

Fighting Style: At the start of his journey, Yuuji was set on the wrong path. Instructors intended to push along his blossoming taijutsu skills without realizing that the deft movements of his fingers were more suited to puppetry. Because of this training he has a moderate understanding of katanas and taijutsu, but has forsaken it to emphasize his more radical skills. Yuuji's potential was unlocked by a higher class shinobi who took him under their wing. Through that training he became a surprisingly skilled puppeteer and began pouring more of his efforts into unique strategies that mixed his kekkei genkai, earth jutsu, and wit for devastating results against opposition.


Born Yuuji Hitokui, he became Li Shuwen when as an infant he was adopted into another family after his own's rebellion and near extinction against Suna. Because of the unique circumstances that blessed Yuuji with the Six-Tailed Beast, Suna saw more reason to keep him alive and train him than kill him. He would never carry a comfortable reputation, but he would always have a place with his own....or so he thought.
As "Li" matured, he became more aware of his unique situation. He learned of his family ties and his own abilities but ultimately chose to reject them. At first, he wanted nothing to do with them and did his best to cope with what was an unfortunate name....but the introduction of his brother into his life changed that.

No, he had no feelings of kindness or familiarity toward Yami Hitokui. Li had the opposite of that. He despised Yami and everything he stood for. The supremacy of their vile clan, and the power he preached fell on deaf ears and eventually brought the two to blows. While Li lost their early encounters, his growth as a ninja before the Exams saw him to a startling level of power.

Taken under the wing of a seasoned puppetmaster who saw his potential, Li began to see combat in a new way...a better way. His mind worked to play the field and force his opponents hand while his body was weaving out techniques and actions he had registered in his head three steps prior. While his advancing led to a confrontation which pulled the Bijuu from his body, he rose in rank as a shinobi from this experience and Li came out on top in the exams. A new status gave him new information to work with and eventually a lesson in his own people

Li learned that the Hitokui were driven to their unpleasant habit by dire situations in Suna. He discovered that their power originated not from feasting on anyone out of some disgusting urge, but from feeding on the dead to make use of their remains and ensure the survival of their people. Gradually, Li saw the men and women originating in his clan as more than sick and animalistic people. He saw them as a sad people who did everything they could to survive and willingly offered those they left behind what little they had to give as they passed.

Disturbing as it was, he saw the pain in their actions. He saw a reputation that shouldn't have been brushed aside for the zealotry of his father or the madness of his brother and he longed to fix it. Li set out to face Yami Hitokui one last time and managed to bring him down. The death of his twisted sibling put a large weight off his shoulders and gave him the confidence to take back his original name. Becoming Yuuji Hitokui, he put himself before Suna's council to reinstate his Clan's presence and rebuild it.

The reaction was inevitable. Not only were the elders against Yuuji's request, they were extremely vocal about their disdain for the idea. Angry, he turned his back on Sunegakure and found a village that would accept his ideals in Honegakure. While many in the village looked at him and his plan cross, the kage understood his ambition and knew him to be anything but weak or cruel intentioned from his early teens.
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Yuuji Hitokui
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