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 Dokuchi Ayaka

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Character Description

Dokuchi Ayaka Blood-Moon-Akali-League-of-Legends-Fan-Art

Basic Information

Character Name: Dokuchi Ayaka
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120
Personality: Ayaka is surprisingly bright and friendly despite the manner in which her clan fights. the vast majority of her clan are fairly quiet people, but Ayaka wants to know more about people outside her clan and is pretty friendly. On missions though she reverts back to the clan norm and speaks softly and doesn't play around. She isn't without mercy and can show compassion to an enemy if they deserve it, but sadly most don't/

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Jounin
Clan: Dokuchu Clan
Weapon(s): Typical shinobi tools such as kunai, shuriken, flashbombs, and etc. All weapons are coated in a different kind of poison. Two kama and a tanto are the back up weapons along with several paralyzing smoke bombs.
Fighting Style: Ayaka prefers to end things quickly with a simple touch of her poisonous flesh, poisoning a targets food, flooding the room with gas, or tossing something as simple as a senbon into the target. However, since many missions aren't that simple Ayaka goes in with a mix of taijutsu/weaponry skills and the use of Doton, Suiton, or clan jutsu. She lacks skill with genjutsu or fuuinjutsu save for the basic Kai, seal, and unseal. For really strong opponents she'll summon her clan salamanders for aid and tag team with them.


Ayaka was born and raised in the Land of Swamps alongside the rest of her clan. It was a peaceful life in the swamp since due to the noxious fumes kept people away from trying to learn clan secrets. The only places outsiders ever saw clan members were the rare cases where clan members went on missions or the embassy at the edge of the swamp where people could make requests of the clan. Ayaka grew up without the shadow of war looming over her since no one wished to invade the clan so she and others trained in times of peace. Training began at the age of six where clan members learned all the basic jutsu, taijutsu, and poison crafting skills needed to become deadly killers. As time went on training intensified until young clan members were given low rank missions like training exercises in which they went out into the non toxic areas of the swamps to fight creatures ranging from giant insects, lizards, frogs, and etc.

For years this training went on until finally people came seeking the clans aid more and more. Normally people preferred to simply ask for toxins so they could do their own dirty work. Now though shinobi villages would come to ask the Dokuchi to do the extra missions they were too short handed to do. Missions such as cleaning out pesky bandits. Ayaka was chosen to do one such mission so she could see the outside world for the first time. The change from the traditional feudal style ways of the Dokuchi to the more modern times was startling. The people so different, the cultures were so fun, and taking out baddies for grateful civilians. It was so much more interesting than living with a mostly isolationist clan. Ayaka found herself volunteering more and more to go on missions just so she could see the world more. When the clan got into contact with Honegakure Ayaka jumped at the opportunity to work in the village as an ambassador for her clan. She and a dozen other members now live in an embassy in Honegakure doing missions and making deals with the village on toxins.
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Dokuchi Ayaka
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