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 Bijuu & Jinchuuriki

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Bijuu & Jinchuuriki F0Cnz32

The nine Bijuu, or Tailed Beasts, are embodiments of chakra given life as gigantic beasts. Each has a different number of tails, from one to nine, and each have different inherent powers. Though intelligent, all Bijuu are highly territorial, and are largely uninterested in dealing with humans. As such, they tend to attack first and ask questions never when what they view as their land is encroached on, by human or other beast. This has lead to the largely held belief that they are mindless weapons of war.

When a Bijuu is captured and sealed inside a living being, known as a Jinchuuriki, the ninja is able to access their inherent abilities, and the massive stores of chakra. Having even a single Jinchuuriki in a village grants an enormous  boost to their military potential, and as such Bijuu are the perhaps the most sought after creatures in the world.

If the Jinchuuriki and Bijuu are capable of understanding each other, and develop a bond, the host can gain far greater access to their abilities than otherwise, but otherwise the two minds are forced to battle inside their body. Aided by the sealing techniques, the Jinchuuriki has the edge, but when they  become emotionally unstable, or are forcing out the power of the beast, the Bijuu can temporarily take over.

Most of the Bijuu are currently thought to be loose in the wild, but most villages attempt to keep any Jinchuuriki they have quiet until they are in full control of their beast, or a war is at hand.

Shukaku the Tanuki (One Tail) - Unknown

Matatabi the Cat (Two Tails) - Unknown

Isobuu the Turtle (Three Tails) - Unknown

Son Goku the Ape (Four Tails) - Unknown

Kokuo the Whale Horse (Five Tails) - Unknown

Saiken the Slug (Six Tails) - Unknown

Chomei the Beetle (Seven Tails) - Unknown

Gyuki the Octopus-Bull (Eight Tails) - Unknown

Kurama the Fox (Nine Tails) - Host: Unknown
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Bijuu & Jinchuuriki
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