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 Sekiyu "Zuzu" Kazuki

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PostSubject: Sekiyu "Zuzu" Kazuki   Sekiyu "Zuzu" Kazuki EmptySun Jun 21, 2015 3:18 am

Character Description
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Basic Information

Character Name: Sekiyu "Zuzu" Kazuki
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 5’ 10 ½”
Weight: 183
Personality: Everyone seems to describe Kazuki differently when asked to describe him. Some say giggly, some say stoic, and others say kind hearted. But, the one thing everyone agrees on is that he is generally someone that don not mind knowing. Considering how meticulously he combs through his own actions, that should come as no surprise. He is a “people pleaser” after all, doing whatever he can to stay in the good graces of others. Typically at the expense of shunting his more passionless nature aside for faux happiness.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Civilian (ex-Jounin)
Clan: Sekiyu
Weapon(s): Mainly just kunai that lie hidden along his pant legs, a few shuriken in a pouch on his waist, and a pair of rarely used, overly extravagant (but no less sharp for it!) kodachi.
Fighting Style: While generally opposed to fighting, Kazuki has not forgotten the techniques his family has taught him. His main strengths reside in field control and mid-range combat through the use of his clan’s Tar Release jutsu, with some basic fire and earth jutsu and typical ninja flair to cover up other ranged offensive issues. While lacking any formal taijutsu training for up close in personal fights, his precise chakra control does allow him deliver powerful blows in a pinch. And though he carries around two impressive blades, Kazuki’s skills of the blade are particularly lacking. The weapons themselves being more of an advertisement of his skills at the forge. When initiating himself, typically relies on clones and his monitor lizard summons to scout ahead first.


What kid doesn't want to grow up to be some great ninja? Kazuki was like everyone else in that regard. He dreamed of doing great espionage work and taking on subterfuge related missions for the Hidden Mist Village. Unfortunately for him, he was not born into the right clan for that. His natural affinity towards fire and earth nature chakra and the skill he picked up his clan's jutsu led to him gaining a degree of respect as a natural genius. And with the support of his elders, Kazuki gained the envious eye of his peers, immediately cutting him off from forming meaningful relationships with those his age. Most either wanted Kazuki's training advice or for him to just screw himself and die. He decided it was not worth his time to even worry himself with those his age.

After becoming a chunin and doing his first few missions with his squad, he eventually realized the role he was slotted with: Instead of joining the others with information gather, sneaking about and placing traps, Kazuki was deemed the "secret weapon". Whenever things got dicy, he would come into keep the squad from being tailed by clever tar pit placement. Or if a particularly difficult object was placed in the way of the group, rather the obstacle be a person or a structure, he was tasked with bringing it down. His clan praised him for being a great ninja, but in Kazuki's eyes he was just a glorified bruiser.

He made his unhappiness with his position clear to his leader, but the man merely took Kazuki's default apathetic tone as a simply suggestion of maybe needing to change things. When he took this up the clan elders, they told him to be happy with what he has, as so many of his peers dreamed to be in his shoes. And what Kazuki wouldn't do to give them his shoes.

From time to time, he used what basic ninja jutsus he had taught himself, like the Transformation Technique and others to force himself into a position to be a more on the sneaky side of things, but the constant deriding from his group did nothing to make him feel better for his forced role. With time, his resent me towards grew to include not just his clan but the village itself. He wanted to leave, to just start over and maybe even give up this dream of being a ninja. A so called genius could pick up something else to be good at after all.

Without an immediate out, Kazuki had no choice but to continue honing his skills and moving up the ladder. Years passed, and as the signs of war became more prominent than ever, Kazuki caught wind of a village of neutrality somewhere around the villages of waterfalls and sound. It was the information he was waiting to stumble upon. Without a second thought, he gathered what few belongings he cared for and set off to Honegakure. Being a missing-nin could not be too bad if no one could find him after all.

Weeks of travel passed and Kazuki's journey was at an end. Honegakure was in sight, and he found his new home. He quickly decided it would be best to go by a new name or at least go by a nickname. To keep from making similar mistakes as he had with his clan, "Zuzu" (as he goes by now) did his best to be friends with everyone, even if that meant not being true to himself. He kept his ninja abilities a secret to the best of his abilities, and picked up the trade of smithing iron. And in due time, Zuzu solidified himself as the village's blacksmith, occasionally leaving to go gather materials.
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PostSubject: Re: Sekiyu "Zuzu" Kazuki   Sekiyu "Zuzu" Kazuki EmptyTue Jun 23, 2015 6:42 pm

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Sekiyu "Zuzu" Kazuki
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