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 Unique Clans

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This is a brief list of clans that are unique to Shinobi's Requiem. The ones you can't get all the information you could ever dream of just by looking information up on a Naruto Wiki.


Clan Name- Xi Clan

Clan Abilities Overview- The Xi clan are notorious for their earth-based abilities. Specifically, their jutsus revolve around lashing out shockwaves from their body to disrupt the earth around them. The Xi clan is also known for their taijutsu, frequently combining their shockwaves with the taijutsu in order to unleash devastating effect.

Lastly, the members of the Xi clan are notorious for having bad tempers.

Clan History – The Xi brag about being descendants of the very first earth shinobi. Ever since then, their history has been rather simple. The Clan has been based in Iwa ever since, remaining as loyal followers of the Tsuchikage since the first and to this present day. There have been known incidents that Xi have murdered other clansmen over unresolved disputes, as their tempers have flared and led to numerous damages across the city.

These tempers have flared down and remained controlled as the descendants continued, forcing teachers to remain careful around Xi genin until they learn to control their powers. While Xi are mainly located in Iwa, there are still several wandering and missing-nin out there that are part of the Xi clan.


Clan Name- Mitsukai Clan

Clan Abilities Overview-  The Mitsukai clan is a clan that boasts members that take on an angelic appearance, always born with large, feathered wings that allow them the ability to fly. Members of the Mitsukai clan excel in the focus and manipulation of light chakra as well as possessing an affinity toward the healing arts. Directly reflecting their personality, a Mitsukai's light chakra is colored a unique shade that only they can ever produce. No two Mitsukai will ever be able to produce the exact same chakra color.

Clan History – No one is quite sure when the Mitsukai clan came in to existence, except that it was around the same time that the Hanyou clan showed up. Some say that the clan leaders were originally brothers from Heaven and Hell, but no one knows for sure. All that is known is that despite their differences, there is no longer any bad blood between the clans.


Clan Name- Hanyou Clan

Clan Abilities Overview-  At a glance, a member of the Hanyou clan will appear as a normal human, but this is only until they release their full potential to gain their full, demon-like form. Every Hanyou's demonic form is unique, granting various bonuses such as claws, spikes or even wings, but they do tend to inherit traits from their parents. Hanyou can be formidable opponents even when not harnessing their full potential, possessed of an enhanced sense of smell as well as the ability to see clearly in the darkness. They can also manipulate their own blood, creating vast quantities to attack their foes with blood-soaked jutsu. Unsurprisingly, all of these bonuses come with a steep price. A Hanyou is entirely incapable of consuming anything but human blood, becoming violently ill and vomiting the offending food item back up if anything else is ingested.

Clan History – No one is quite sure when the Hanyou clan came in to existence, except that it was around the same time that the Mitsukai clan showed up. Some say that the clan leaders were originally brothers from Heaven and Hell, but no one knows for sure. All that is known is that despite their differences, there is no longer any bad blood between the clans. Unlike the Mitsukai clan, when the Hanyou first appeared it was viewed as a terrible curse and those born into it are often vilified as maneaters and cast away.


Clan Name- Kitsune Clan

Clan Abilities Overview- A clan comprised entirely of females sporting fox ears and up to nine fox tails, the Kitsune clan has become genetically incapable of producing male offspring. Never has there been an unattractive woman born to the Kitsune clan, every one of them stunning in one fashion or another, almost capable of luring men to their doom through sheer beauty alone. Adding to their allure, a Kitsune clan member's body is uniquely fashioned to give a man ultimate pleasure during all manner of sexual acts, leaving their victim enthralled while they cast their various life-draining jutsu.

Not only capable of defeating their opponent through sexual means, Kitsune are also masterful users of genjutsu and transformation techniques, capable of generating illusions in ways that a standard genjutsu user cannot. Coupled with their higher than average intellects, even a fight against the weakest of the Kitsune clan can be a challenge if one isn't mentally prepared.

Clan History – Beginning long ago as a cult dedicated to the nine-tailed fox, Kurama, the Kitsune clan dedicated itself to casting illusions. Their first order of business was giving the illusion of sporting the ears and tails of foxes and it eventually evolved from there. Over time, that illusion actually became obsolete given that evolution would eventually bless them with actual ears and tails.

With their various and unexpected genjutsu and incredible ability to transform, the Kitsune clan became one of the best to approach for matters of espionage or silent assassination, the females of the clan being especially potent with their ability to lure a man to his death with promises of pleasure. Becoming more and more specialized for this purpose, men of the clan became uncommon, then rare and then simply nonexistent. Members of the Kitsune clan are forced to choose as genetically perfect a man as they can possibly find when it's their time to breed, these men being the only ones who have ever returned alive from a tryst with a Kitsune clan member. Kitsune, however, do not mate for life and abandon their chosen male once with child.

This clan holds no allegiance to any village, instead building a secret community that no one but they know the location of. The clan hierarchy is based on the number of tails a member is born with, generally understood to be just how powerful and beautiful they will become in adulthood. Only one member with nine tails is ever allowed to live at one time. The current nine-tailed leader is allowed to reign, any babies born with nine tails immediately put to death, until such time as her beauty begins to fade. Once this is decided, she herself is put to death once the next nine-tailed child is born.
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Unique Clans
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