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 Kitsune Yao

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Character Description


Kitsune Yao Yao_zps8c988b80

Basic Information

Character Name: Yao Kitsune
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Light
Personality: Yao is constantly sarcastic and oftentimes narcissistic, leading her to both clash and easily relate to Yamanaka Ami.

Basic Info Continued

Village: No Affiliation
Rank: None
Clan: Kitsune
Weapon(s): None/Unknown
Fighting Style: Yao sticks to her clan's specialties, generally preferring to simply sex her opponents to death, but otherwise she'll confuse them with an assortment of genjutsu and transformations until the time comes to end it.


All that's known of Yao outside of the Kitsune clan is that she's the matron of the current clan's leader, Kitsune Inari.
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Kitsune Yao
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