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 Megumi Hirohata

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Character Description


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Basic Information

Character Name: Megumi Hirohata
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145 lbs. (mostly muscle)
Personality: Very outgoing and fun loving, generaly enjoys teasing people, can be quite lewd at times. She can also be rather dense in certain social situations (anything requiring her to be well mannered)

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Jounin
Weapon(s): Shuriken, smoke bombs, fuuma shuriken, Tennohakai (set of armored gauntlets/boots), Keshisaru (zanbatou)
Fighting Style: Megumi uses high level taijutsu abilities, supplemented with the ability to open up to the fifth chakra gate, to destroy anything and everything in her way. She wields a custom set of armored gauntlets and boots known as Tennohakai (Heaven's Destruction) which allow her to store and channel chakra to enhance the destructive power of her physical strikes, even more so than traditional ninjutsu such as chakra enhanced strength. When not utilizing her gauntlets, she wields a zanbatou known as Keshisaru (Obliterate), which is capable of releasing concussive blasts of pure chakra with each strike. In exceedingly desperate situations, she is capable of performing the summoning technique, as she discovered the Snake contract during her travels and is the scroll's current owner.


Megumi, like the others of her clan, originated in Kiri. However, due to the criminal actions of her father, her branch of the clan was ostracized and ultimately exiled from Kiri in a bloody conflict, during which her parents were killed and she was forced to flee with her brother to find safety. She was twenty-one at the time, and her brother, Kenji, only two. In the years that followed, Megumi desperately fought to care for her brother while on the run from Kiri hunter-nin sent by the Hirohata Clan to eliminate the last of her family.

Against all odds they both managed to survive, constantly fleeing between lands. Eventually, she heard whispers of a new land being formed, a refuge for runaways and misfits. She and her brother ventured to find this new Land of Graves, and its village: Honegakure, the Village Hidden in Bone. When they found it, they settled down and became citizens of this new village, now able to survive in relative safety from Kiri's hunters. Still, both Megumi and her brother train constantly to hone their shinobi skills, so they're never caught off guard.
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Megumi Hirohata
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