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 Rakdos Hanyou

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Character Description


Rakdos Hanyou Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRlVQfBq4DokfFv55mGxYP0EohMl48fW61VPXJSn3PdzVeb-xsx

Basic Information

Character Name: Rakdos Hanyou
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Height: 6'0
Weight: 185 lbs.
Personality: Rakdos was crafted in to a killer just as Kiri hoped for. He is ruthless and cruel, often following his orders to the letter and showing more cruelty than the standard Kiri shinobi. Rakdos has killed man, woman, and child alike and feels no remorse for his actions. Rakdos believes himself to be one of the strongest shinobi alive and feels that few match his skill in battle. As such, his arrogance and pride are almost unrivaled.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Kounin
Clan: Hanyou
Weapon(s): Rakdos wields a large cleaver blade with serrated edge, made for hacking and sawing an opponent rather than clean cuts.
Fighting Style: Rakdos is a member of the Hanyou Clan, and as such usually fights with his clan jutsu. His clan allows for the user to become more demon like, growing wings, horns, tail, and various other features. Because of their enhanced physical form the Hanyou are mainly known for their abilities with weapons and taijutsu. Along with this enhanced physical form the Hanyou are known and feared for their use of blood jutsu. As a Hanyou, Rakdos is required to consume the blood of others in order to survive.


The Blood Mist village of Kirigakure has always had concerns with power and control, always seeking out the weak to destroy and raise the strong. Along with this, clans have always had a sensitive nature within the village. When a clan starts growing in prominence, Kiri was known to cut several of their members down to assure that any sort of an uprising was impossible. The Hanyou were one of many clans affected by this fear, especially since the "Demons of Kiri" were already feared for their great power and believed connections to Hell itself. Rakdos was only a boy when most of his clan was killed. He was young and small, but the boy never forgot the cruelty that was shown by Kiri that day. He was chosen to remain alive along with a small group of others. The boy only lost his eye in the battle, a constant reminder to the butchery of his clan.

Despite the slaughter of his family, Rakdos never showed any signs of resenting the village or their decision. He grew up to be a prominent shinobi, easily killing his enemies in any exam he was placed in. Rakdos himself even went on to continue Kiri's work as he grew older, helping to slay other clans that grew too prominent or powerful. When Rakdos came to your household, something was very wrong. He was nicknamed "The Red Death" by many, for his famous use of blood mist to start a fight, and the amount of blood that came after his slaughter.

It was one memorable day in Kiri when Rakdos found a new purpose for himself. The Hirohatas, a strong family within the village, were branded as traitors for refusing to kill some of the innocents on their mission. They were branded as traitors and they were placed under arrest for their treachery. The mother and father did not go quietly though, and managed to fight off some of their fellow Swordsman of the Mist to allow their daughter and young son to escape. Rakdos arrived on the scene and helped to secure the two, escorting them to the prison of Kiri himself. Rakdos realized that day, even Kiri was starting to fall way to this soft shinobi era. Things were tense, but it had truly been some time since a great calamity or war. Perhaps...people needed to remember what real loss felt like again?

Loss had forced Rakdos in to the warrior he became, perhaps the world needed that purifying fire once again to achieve true strength. Rakdos went to a Hanyou Temple within Kiri, hoping his ancestors would help him with his dream, the dream of a world war where only the strong would survive and the rest would die.
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Rakdos Hanyou
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