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 Saki Himura

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Character Description


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Basic Information

Character Name: Saki Himura
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Height: 5'4
Weight: 105 lbs.
Personality: Saki is cold, ruthless, and enjoys killing about as much as a dog enjoys meat. She believes wholeheartedly that the weak should die and the strong should rule, tainted by her years brought up in Kiri under the tutelage of perhaps their most viscous shinobi. On the other hand, she shows an absolute, blind, almost child-like devotion to her master, Rakdos, and would do anything to please him.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Jounin
Clan: Hanyou
Weapon(s): A pair of iron nails attached by a long chain, steel claws, standard shinobi gear
Fighting Style: Saki brings a wild, almost feral nature to combat, utilizing this ferocity to eviscerate her opponents, either with her iron nails or her her steel claws. Although she prefers to tear apart her opponents up close and personal, she is also quite adept in high level earth and lightning techniques. Perhaps not the flashiest of fighters, her speed is nearly unparalleled amongst other shinobi, using this trait to end her opponents as quickly as possible, sometimes before they can even react.


Saki doesn't remember much about her early life, not because she was too young to remember but because the events that transpired afterward forever scarred her memories. She grew up in a small village outside of Kiri with her parents, enjoying a relatively quiet life free from the shinobi conflicts of the world. Until, one day when she was nine, she felt herself racked with terrible pain, which occurred whenever she tried to eat. The longer this persisted, the more it hurt, and the hungrier she became. Her parents tried to help, but couldn't determine what was wrong with her

A week after this first occurred, Kiri shinobi came to her village. She doesn't know why they slaughtered everyone that day, men, women, and children alike, but she remembers the screams. After her parents were killed right in front of her, Saki remained as one of only two survivors in the entire village. Several of the shinobi brought them together in the center of town and declared they would both be executed for their transgressions against Kiri. She didn't even know what that meant. She knew only the horror of her parents' deaths and the burning hunger inside her.

Before the shinobi could kill her and the last survivor, her hunger exploded and she lost herself to a terrible, wild rage. She attacked the shinobi and slaughtered them with her bare hands. She then turned on the other survivor, and lost to her hunger she but into his flesh and feasted on his blood. Any grief or remorse she had vanished, giving way to something else, something demonic. She returned later to her home, where she discovered a hidden room filled with old scrolls and dust artifacts. In one of those scrolls she learned her parents were not her real parents, that they had found her as a baby, discarded near an old temple, which contained the artifacts now in the very room. In that scroll she learned what she really was.

And she embraced it.

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Saki Himura
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