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 Hiroki Tamachi

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Hiroki Tamachi Monk10

Basic Information

Character Name: Hiroki Tamachi
Gender: Male
Age: 26yo
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 170lb
Personality: Hiroki is a friendly, fun-loving wanderer who explores the world in search for what he believes to be "the finer things in life", namely warm food and a soft bed.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Clan: None
Weapon(s): Staff
Fighting Style: Hiroki specializes in taijutsu, primarily using his staff to defend himself, although he also can utilize moderate-level fire element jutsus, primarily simply enhancing his taijutsu capabilities, such as engulfing the ends of his staff in flames for more powerful and dangerous strikes, although he can launch small streams of fire if necessary.


Hiroki was always an adventurous boy when he was growing up, and frequently found himself wandering away from home and getting lost. He always felt that there was more to life than Iwagakure, and so from the early age of fifteen, he set out on the road to travel the world in search of adventure. Rather quickly, however, he learned that what he sought was not adventure, but new and different types of food. He traveled all across the world, journeying far to the West even to discover new delicacies and conversations to have with new people. Around a year into his travels, he met a traveling monk who he decided to tag along with for quite some time due to his ability to cook and the many tales he had to tell, and the monk taught him a great deal about taijutsu so Hiroki could defend himself, a skill he had very much lacked. Today, Hiroki has reached the Village Hidden in Bone, more out of curiosity to see what this hostile land could hold for a man like him.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiroki Tamachi   Hiroki Tamachi EmptyMon Oct 17, 2016 10:25 pm

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