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 Tsumi Sukunaku

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Character Description


Tsumi Sukunaku Helena-nikulina-moon-ninja

Basic Information

Character Name: Tsumi Skunaku
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Height: 6'0
Weight: 185 lbs.
Personality: Tsumi is a man driven by the guilt of his past. While he knows that he wasn't directly responsible for the massacre at his village, he also knows that his actions led to it happening. Not having anyone else to fight for he now works in Honegakure in the hopes he can prevent another slaughter that many believe to be inevitable. He's quiet, and it takes a great amount of trust for him to open up to anyone.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Jounin
Weapon(s): Tsumi's only weapon is a thin short sword which he has strapped to his side at all times.
Fighting Style: Tsumi uses an array of genjutsu as his weapons. Not being very strong physically, his only hope of winning any fight is to use his illusions to slowly whittle down his opponent. Tsumi mainly utilizes broad genjutsu to disrupt the vision and mobility of his opponents. However, in a one on one duel his genjutsus can become more focused to do harm to an individual.


Tsumi had a peaceful life in a peaceful village on the outskirts of Suna. The village didn't have much but they were a community and were able to thrive on their own, not requiring the need of Suna's protection for the most part. Things were never hostile between them and the Hidden Village, and several of the merchants in the village would often travel in order to sell their wares. While Tsumi had never been raised in Suna, his father was a shinobi who moved out here after retiring. Never graduating past the rank of Chunin, he knew only a small amount of techniques which he passed on to Tsumi.

Things changed in the village when one day an artifact was uncovered in a nearby cave. It was a spear that used to belong to a Suna Shinobi according to ancient legend. Tsumi convinced the elders of the village to contact Suna, to have the spear purchased so that the village could gain money it needed. However, things didn't go as planned as Suna ordered a prominent shinobi, Setsuna, to attack the village with a group of shinobi and take the spear by force. Everyone was slaughtered, even Tsumi had been attacked and left for dead inside of a burning building.

Barely alive, Tsumi clawed out of the wreckage days later. Burned and disfigured, he took whatever food he could and left. For the next five years he trained himself in the art of genjutsu and honed his craft, swearing that he'd one day make all responsible for the death of his loved ones pay.

Knowing that it was suicide to take on an entire village by himself, Tsumi had now travled to Honegakure to seek shelter and aid them in their efforts. However, he doesn't realize that Setsuna is the very same woman that massacred his village and family...
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