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 Shiki Kuramoto

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Character Description

Shiki Kuramoto Suzuya10

Basic Information

Character Name: Shiki Kuramoto
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 lbs
Personality: Shiki is a bit naïve as a result of his upbringing and being taught “only what he needed”.  He is generally playful and is always up for a good game.  Shiki also tends to like things most people would consider weird or creepy.  For example, he has grown to really like the changes to his appearance as a result of learning Earth Grudge Fear.  He also has a fondness for snakes and spiders and other “scary” things.  Shiki is also very obedient and will follow his caretakers and bodyguards instructions without much fuss.  

Basic Info Continued

Village: Takigakure
Rank: Genin
Weapon(s): Typical ninja gear (kunai, shuriken, etc.)
Fighting Style: Shiki’s primary technique is the Takigakure kinjutsu known as Earth Grudge Fear.  The technique was implemented into his body relatively recently in an attempt to bolster the waterfall village’s relatively weak forces.  Therefore he does not have full use of this techniques abilities.  Shiki is well trained in taijutsu and mostly uses lower level ninjutsu techniques along with a couple lightning style jutsu.  


All of his life, Shiki has been raised by the village leaders.  Shiki never knew his real parents, but he was told that they were war heroes that had died nobly defending the village.  Afterwards, the village leaders had opted to honor their memory by raising Shiki themselves.  When he was told stories about them, however, they were never told the same way twice.  Shiki never thought anything of it though.  He was raised that way since birth.  Not to ask questions, and to just follow obediently.  Despite not having a real family, he never minded as he received plenty of attention by the village leaders.  In particular, they made sure to train him well so that he could be, as his many caretakers put it, “a great ninja, just like your parents were.”  

Shiki was allowed to wonder the village, but was under constant supervision.  Though the majority of the time, he was kept away from the other children.  Especially after his tenth birthday when his caretakers forcefully implemented the villages secret technique, Earth Grudge Fear, into Shiki’s body.  After a period of adaptation, Shiki grew accustomed to his changed biology.  After this time, his training sessions became even more intense in order to cultivate his power.  He was trained in all types of ninja techniques, focusing on his Earth Grudge Fear, but also learning taijutsu, ninjutsu, and a small amount of genjutsu mostly for resistance to it.  

By age fourteen, he was able to use some lightning style jutsu and became very proficient at taijutsu.  His Earth Grudge Fear has developed to a point where he has no trouble controlling it, to the point as if it was always a natural part of his body, but has yet to use anything too high level such as stealing another person’s heart.  Shiki is currently in preparation for the Chunin exams.
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PostSubject: Re: Shiki Kuramoto   Shiki Kuramoto EmptyThu Oct 27, 2016 4:00 pm

Character approval pending based on limited roleplay applications in the current state of the history.
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Shiki Kuramoto
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