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 Character Creation Rules

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PostSubject: Character Creation Rules   Character Creation Rules EmptyThu Oct 09, 2014 4:47 am

1) All characters must be approved in character creation before being granted approval to participate in any sort of roleplay on the site.

2) I'm not going to limit your creativity, but there's a fine line between being creative with a unique and enjoyable character and just doing your best to outmaneuver everyone else to have absolute superiority in all fields. If I feel like you've crossed this line I'll let you know and request you change the areas in question before granting your character approval to participate in roleplay.

3) This is only a vaguely Naruto-based RP and as such no characters from the series' run have or will ever exist. Never reference them as if they were a real thing and don't create a canon character expecting to RP as them.

4) A character can have a maximum of two bloodline abilities and no more.

5)A character can have a maximum of a single tailed beast. Removal of the tailed beast will result in that character's death under all but the most extreme circumstances.

6) No one power enhancing ability can be used with another. Even if you have two different sage modes or sage mode and a cursed seal or a cursed seal and a bijuu, you can't use them in conjunction with one another.

7) Your character(s) can and will die if you put them in circumstances where death is inevitable. I'm not going to pussyfoot around trying to deal with the fact that you don't want your character to die so I can't kill you. I won't put up with you flailing about uselessly in an obviously hopeless situation until I give up because you're a plotline god. Dead characters are allowed to offer absolutely no benefit to replacement characters.
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Character Creation Rules
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