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 Oki Kitsune

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Character Description


Oki Kitsune  Latest?cb=20130428045808 and Oki Kitsune  Kamisama_hajimemashita_5

Basic Information

Character Name: Oki Kitsune
Gender: Female, but constantly casts an illusion to make her appear male (refer to images)
Age: 27
Height: 166cm (female)/171cm (male)
Weight: 70kg
Personality: Oki appears as a man and very few people realise he is actually a woman. On the outside, he appears friendly, pleasant, charming and even a little mysterious. He treats people fairly and he's always willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. However, he possesses no close friends and even to those who find him likably, it is clear that he is always putting himself at a distance. What few realise is that beneath the amiable mask he always wears, is a woman who views the world all around her with distaste. She is cynical, ill-tempered and always in a foul mood. Oki hates drama and is filled to the brim with murderous intent. However, for a reason that not even she understands, whenever she casts an illusion to make her appear male, the darkness inside of her is able to be contained under the surface of her kindly mask. Obviously she is unable to keep the illusion 24/7 and so at night, when she is alone at home, she steams in dark thoughts and nightmares of blood. For some reason that not even she understands, Oki will always cast an illusion of her male self before going out to meet others, no matter how fury driven she is. Perhaps she finds peace in her calmer state as a man or perhaps she dislikes people seeing her as a woman. No matter the reason, one thing is clear: Oki is always possessed by an unnamed fury that drives all her decisions, even as a man. Even when contained by her illusions, her true thoughts are always somewhere in the back of her mind and this is because in reality, her mask is paper thin. She has no particular reason for why she wants to kill, she simply finds everything (be it people, animals, plants or even buildings) annoying. Everything annoys her and she just wants to burn it all, but she doesn't. Why? Who knows. Maybe she has a conscious or maybe it's because she doesn't have one and that's why she never bothers. Instead, she just marinates in a fury driven by nothing. Maybe one day...her darkness will be released.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Honegakure
Rank: Jounin
Clan: Kitsune (five tails)
Weapon(s): a nameless and ordinary katana
Fighting Style: As a ninja descended from the Kitsune Clan, Oki is capable of high-levels of genjutsu. Although she is capable of transforming, she prefers to cast illusions instead of transforming into an actual man. The reason might be that only an illusion can hide her fury. For fighting, Oki does not like to use her sexuality and illusions (but this doesn't mean she can't), contrary to the more common fighting style of her clan. She never started off with a talent in taijutsu, and in actuality, she downright sucks at it. However, with years of honing herself, she is mostly unmatched in a hand-to-hand combat. Furthermore, despite her lacking in taijutsu, she has always had an affinity with swords. Due to her hesitance to become too attached to anyone or anything, the swords she uses are all nameless swords and can be found in any common sword shop. In actuality, Oki can fight with any sword and draw out its full potential, but she refuses to use anything asides from common swords. She hates the idea of using a specialised sword. Oki relies heavily on speed instead of power and she will sometimes incorporate illusions into her fighting, however it will never amount to anything large scaled. The most she will ever do is cast short, two second illusions that will briefly distract or confuse her opponents.


Oki grew up hating her clan. She hates the nature of her clan's people and she hates the hierarchy and the customs of the clan. This might have manifested her current twisted nature, however it isn't clear. Perhaps it's her twisted nature that resulted in her hatred for her clan. Whichever it is, the one thing that is certain is that Oki developed a rage very early in her life. To begin with, she directed this at her clan. Despite her rage and hatred, something unknown always kept her from acting upon it. Her cold nature is enough to keep people wary of her and especially animals tend to avoid crossing her. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, Oki was unsociable and lacked the discipline that the Kitsune Clan enforced. If it hadn't been for her family's influence, Oki might have been executed. Instead, she was cast out by the clan and left to fend for herself. At first, she was relieved, believing her hatred stemmed from her clan, but she quickly realised her hatred encompassed all things around her. In fact, with nothing to focus her hatred on, it grew to involve even material and natural things, something that never happened before. Before long, she began dreaming of destroying the world. When she discovered that casting illusions on herself could control her thirst for blood, she began adopting all kinds of forms. Anything from a small fox to a child to a mammoth could control her rage, but she soon settled on a man. As long as it wasn't her true form, she darkness wouldn't consume her. Even physically transforming didn't help. What compelled her to continue using illusions to keep the darkness at bay is a mystery even to Oki herself. In many ways, Oki doesn't have a personality herself. The darkness is all that exists inside of her and the only time something vaguely human-like surfaces is when she is under the spell of her own illusion. Perhaps this is a shadow of her true self or perhaps it is a plea to dispel her darkness.

When Oki first stumbled across Honegakure, she had no intentions of staying long. However, something about the town of misfits and different characters drew her in and she soon found herself pulled back to the village every time she left. She often leaves the village unexpectedly, but she will always be back within a few weeks and she never ventures far.

**EDIT to make the pics bigger >_>

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